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Faucet Leakage Water Treatment

Release time :2018-01-22
Faucet Repair Steps:
On the faucet joint leakage repair, the cause of the leakage is nothing more than the tap part (fixed screws) of the damage caused by the waterproof tape. So just use the wrench
Remove the faucet and roll up the new sealing tape in the place where the screws are fixed:

First of all, the faucet is fastened first, and the faucet is turned off counterclockwise by the wrench. The threaded hole outward, in the thread part with the wind printing tape clockwise rolls on 5-6 back.
See if the faucet has adjusted the water to tie the clamp in the direction of the clock.
After the installation is complete, turn on the general switch and try to check to see if it still leaks. Even if the faucet is fastened tightly, the reason that still can leak:
A. The cause of water leakage: it is due to the abrasion of the axis gasket in the faucet. Use pliers to loosen the gland and remove it, and take the spindle gasket out with a clamp to replace
On the new axis gasket can be.

B. leading to the bottom of the gap leakage reason: that is because of the seal inside the triangle gasket wear caused. You can loosen the screws and remove the head, then loosen the gland,
Then remove the inner triangular seal store of the gland and replace it with a new.

C. Leakage at the junction of the nozzle: Generally, the cap nut is loose and you can reconnect the cap nut or replace the new U-shaped gasket. If the faucet found water quantity
Less condition, may be the leakage situation, because the single gun faucet of the water disk stuck to the gravel, this phenomenon or find a professional maintenance division to dismantle the faucet cleaning, but if the glue
Gasket damage must be replaced. Generally speaking, the correct use of the faucet, refers to the faucet is not to rotate too tightly, the sauce head pad can maintain 7, 8 years of life, but, hot
Water part of the faucet due to the hot rise and cold shrinkage is easy to reduce its life, so it is recommended that both sides of the hot and cool pads should be at the same time regular replacement.