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Tap Selection Tips

Release time :2017-10-28

1, look at the surface

Faucet surface generally do nickel and chromium treatment, formal product coating process requirements are relatively high, the surface gloss uniformity, no burr, stomata, whitish, as well as oxidation spots and so on.

2. Touch feel

Superior Faucet main parts shell is usually made of brass, the higher the purity of brass, the better the plating quality, the more difficult the surface plating layer corrosion. Inferior products can be replaced in some places with alloy materials and engineering plastics to reduce costs, so that the service life and quality will be greatly reduced. Recommended to choose the choice of brass material to make the faucet. The proportion of brass is larger, the purchase can be weighed, brass heavy, take in the hands of heavy, can feel the existence of the center of gravity. The alloy material density is low, the feeling is soft, the center of gravity is homogeneous. The engineering plastics take on the hand lightly.
Warm tip: Direct contact with drinking water parts, GB regulations do not allow the use of zinc alloy materials.

3. Listen to the Sound

The good faucet should be the whole cast brass, the brass beats up the sound is dull and low. If the sound is more crisp generally stainless steel or alloy materials, the quality of a grade.

4, Touch the corner seam

Excellent faucet corner rounded without burrs, sharp corners and so on. In addition, the joint between the main parts is also very close, without any sense of loosening.

5, check valve core Accessories

Valve core quality is the key to the faucet, the superior valve core process precision, handle swing drive spool when you can feel not loose, lightweight, without block.
Warm tip: Ceramic spool of the faucet ceramic plate is easier to crack, should pay attention to its filtration function, lest affect life.
6, look at the quality assurance card and identification mark
Faucet factory generally to carry out the strength, seal, flow, noise, life performance testing, formal manufacturers produce products with quality assurance card and the manufacturer's brand identity, which is related to after-sales service and product production details. And some informal products are often only paste some paper labels, purchase must pay attention to.